Non Commision Level ll (no weapon)

This program will teach individuals with little or no previous experience of the security industry,certification as required by the State of Texas, once completed,  you will be provided with the basic certification. (to be submitted and approved by the state of Texas). 8 hour class. $75.00.


                                 Commision Security Level lll (weapon)

This course will teach basic security topic related to daily assignment and responsibilites of security officer. Student will be required to qualify with a 38 caliber revolver or at least a 9mm semi-automatic. Shotguns will be supplied for qualification by instructor. 40 hour. $185.00.          

                                 Security Firearms Requalification

 This course covers the firearms re-qualification requirement in order to re-certify as a Comissioned Security Officer. Class room and Gun Range.8 hour class $85.00.