Tammi Square is an experienced Leader for 25 years within the security industry. She has six years of experience in the field of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Certified Classroom and Firearm Instructor, license by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Ms. Square has experience in hostile environment security operations and proves to be hard working, reliable professional, with a demanding and high pressure environment, where a keen and conscientious approach is required. She possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral with the ability to liaise with clients and colleagues at all levels. Adapts effectively to changing priorities and workloads. Well organized, disciplined and motivated, instilling confidence in senior management and team members.  Her private sector experience is complemented by well established relationships within the security Industry, with 9 years of experience in security operations with faith based institutions from around the world, Ms. Square consistently provides successful active service, providing High Security Solutions while acting as Supervisor / Operator, Security Consultant, Executive Service & Investigations Management. She possesses Key Skills Planning and Instructing, Training, Administration of Operational Teams Coordinating and Planning Missions Threat assessment & vulnerability analysis, Search awareness, Protection on foot/debus-enbus drills,Unarmed defense, First Aid ( first responder), Route selection/venue recce and planning.


Tammi Square President / CEO