Statement of purpose

Square Business Security will strive to process the standard of excellence in service, responsiveness and employee commitment to fufill our core values. We understand that everyone is important to the process. But we also achieve this goal is possible and realistic. To reach our goal each Square Business Security employee must take a quality commitment and seek continous improvement. We must be able to provide the most cost effective security through value added services



                                    Final Mission Statement

To reach our goal each Square Business Security employee must make a quality commitment and seek continuous improvement. We must provide the mot cost effective security thoroughly value added services. to provide professional security services with integrity. We provide best best defense against crimes committed to property. We are here to Protect, observe, Report and deter crime.


Square Business Security Services Corporation provides  variety of security and personal protection services including personal protection services to high-profile individuals including executives, dignitaries, and celebrities, residential/commercial facilities protection,  and security training and consulting service